Ready for Mazatlan

We leave for Mazatlan tomorrow.  I will be there for two weeks and Michele will be there for one week.  At the end of the first week 5 other couples we know will be in Mazatlan.  The Chrittons, Cross’, Firsts, and two other couples that are friends of the Cross’.  Should be fun.  I’m hoping that this vacation will help me get back into things when I return.  I will be scheduling my sabbatical and extra time off as soon as I come back from Mexico.

Plans for the house

After seeing how much it will cost to tear down the house and re-build, the state of the economy, and the potential for a reorganization at work, I have decided to re-think our options.  I may have to write off the money I’ve spent on the plan set and look at a simple remodel.  Maybe I should just tear down and rebuild the roof line and the room above the garage.  I could do that and expand the kitchen and bedroom area upstairs at a much lesser cost.  I just need to get the plans developed and approved…  SIGH!

Roofing the workshop

I have decided to roof the workshop prior to installing the Cupola.  I’ve been looking at a number of homes in the area and it looks like many install the cupola directly over the roof shingles.  I think this makes sense as it makes the roof that much more water tight.  So, with the aid of Jarrod’s roofing gun I am off to shingle…

Working on the Cupola…

The cupola needs to get done so I can put the roof on so that I can put the electrical in so that I can put the windows and doors on so that I can put the siding on so that I can put the insulation in so that I can put the drywall on so that…  take a breath!  The shed needs finished so that I can store stuff from the other sheds in it so that I can tear them down and start the remodle of the house so that…

Hello Family!

Welcome to the Setterbo Family Blog!  I will be adding stuff and changing configurations as I learn more about this software.  My intention is that we (the Setterbo clan) can use this blog to stay in touch, record thoughts, and track our goings on in general.  I hope you like.  Please feel free to post often….