A Night in New Orleans

Saturday night I had dinner with Dee, Gary, Donny, Naeda, Shenee, Donita and her boyfriend Ivan.  We were able to catch up a bit on the goings on of everyone.   After dinner we went over to Dee’s house and then I went back to Curly’s to hit the sack.  On the 29th I got packed, said my goodbyes to Ed and Rosemary, and met Dee and Gary for breakfast at 9:00.  By 10:00 I was on the road again and I made it another 530 miles before stopping in New Orleans.  Here is the route I took.  The ride was through flat delta country.  At one point near Lake Charles I had to take a slight detour due to a truck with a load of rail ties that had caught fire somehow.  Traffic was backed up for several miles but I was able to weave through to the detour and ride on without loosing much time.   As I neared Baton Rouge I crosses miles and miles of swamp.  I made it to Grosse Tete where I got a Subway sandwich for dinner.  Then the last 96 miles to New Orleans and another hotel.  I really am going to start camping soon I swear!  Traffic stared to pick up in New Orleans and I had to navigate past three separate accidents that clogged the freeways.  I got off Hwy 10 into the french Quarter and found a deal at a hotel right off Bourbon St.


The Hotel St Marie is on Conti St which intersects with Bourbon St.  There were plenty of people partying on Bourbon St last night but it was late and I crashed around 12:30.  It’s almost 8:00 now and I getting ready to hit the trail again.  I should be headed towards Florida by 9:00.  Its about 700 miles to Melbourne so I may have to stop for one more night before I arrive.  Onward!

With the Texas Setterbos (and Ytreeides ;-)

What a ride!  Not only were the winds brutal but I managed to add and extra 200 miles to my route.   I started off fine and even stopped to see The Jersey Lilly, home and saloon of the hanging Judge Roy Bean in Langtry.   Back on rt 90 and just before Del Rio is the Amistad Recreation Area which has a huge resivior.  The canyons are beautiful and the lake seems to go on forever.  All this in the middle of nothing but sagebrush.   I decided to stay on 90 and head east to San Antonio to pick up Rt 37.  I didn’t notice but there is also a Rt 35 in San Antonio.  Unfortunately it is just before Rt 37 and it leads to Loredo, NOT Corpus Christi.   All the time on the road I am thinking I should start seeing signs for Corpus but no joy.  I finally stop to check a map but by that time it was too late.  I continued down to Rt 359 and headed east (FINALLY) towards Rockport.  Here is a link to my routeCurly and Rosemary Setterbo with Dee and Gary Ytreeide

I arrived around 9:15 pm and took about a 1/2 hr to find the relatives.  We talked and I ate and it was good to see everyone.  I got a nice warm bed, breakfast in the morning, cribbage with Curly,  a visit with Jim and Pat Park and more cribbage, lunch, time to wash the bike, laundry, and a hot shower.  Life is good.  I also received more info from Mary on the newest Setterbo.   Colton Christopher Theodore Setterbo was born 3/25/2009 at 10:44 am.  He weighed 7 lbs 14 ozs and was 19 1/2 inches long.  Mom and son are on the way home from the hospital now.  I’m going to have dinner with as many Setterbos as I can find and then hit the road again tomorrow morning.  Stay tuned…

In Sanderson with the wind

I woke up in the morning at the Motel-6 and was on the road by 8:30 local time.  I rode until I hit 1000 miles at about 9:00 local time, stopped at a roadside motel, and got a cup of coffee and two witnesses for my IBA certification.  I rode through Las Cruses and saw the biggest holding pen for steer that I have ever seen.  Then I stopped in El Paso for a Harley shirt and the biggest HD shop in the world.  The wind picked up in El Paso and has just been building ever since. I took Hwy 10 until Van Horn where I got on Rt 90 heading towards Del Rio.  I tried to be true to my word and find a camp site but no-one would take tent campers!  I guess RV’ers need someone to look down upon.   It got too dark and I gave up trying to look for a site to pitch the tent.   I didn’t want to go much further since there were tons of deer along the road, so I found the nearest Motel which was in Sanderson.  I got to sleep around 12:00 thinking that anything would be better than this flea-bag Motel but I slept soundly.  Here is a link to my progress.

I woke late and got ready by 9:00 am.  I am going to be very careful today since the wind is blowing about 65 mph now.    I’m getting a late start and not looking forward to the ride in the wind. The Only place in town to eat - and not half bad! I just finished breakfast at a local dinner called The Round House Cafe.   I think it’s the only restaurant in Sanderson.   All for now as I am on to Del Rio…

First day on the road to Florida

I started the day yesterday by stopping down at the Saranap Filling Station at 9:30 AM and enlisting two attendants to sign the witness documents required by the IBA.  Paperwork in hand, I jumped on the 680 and headed south.  Traffic was light at that time of day and I had no trouble riding down to the 580 and then over to highway 5.  I made it about 168 miles before I pulled over for my first fill-up of the day near Coalinga.  Back on the bike and all the way over the grapevine to Six Flags for another fill-up.  Although I didn’t need gas I stopped at Bob’s Big Boy for dinner.  I figured it had my name on it and a statue that had my gut so I had to stop.  Back on the bike until Indio for another fill-up.   I rode toward Blyth but had to stop for a picture of the sunset. Near Blyth

On to Blyth for another fill-up.  I decided to bypass Phoenix and turned south to Gila Bend for more gas.  The next leg through Tuscon was a bit hairy since I stretched the mileage a little too much for comfort.  I found a station open in the middle of nowhere and tanked up with a sigh of relief.  By 12:30 I was spent and found a Motel-6 room for $24.  Since I can get my IBA SS1000 documents this morning I vow to take the time to find a camp site before dark for the rest of the trip!  Here is a link to the trip so far.

First post from my iPhone

I am getting ready to hit the road on the motorcycle and ride to Florida. I will be stopping in TX to see family along the way.  I may be on the road for a month!  I will be sending updates via my phone…

I hope to be able to log my progress at various points along the way using the GPS features of the phone.  This should be a good trip.

Changes coming to this site…

I’ve been doing a lot of signing up for various services, social networking, blogging, and other sites on the web recently.  There will be major changes to this site because of the work I have been doing.  My intent is to turn this blog into more of a “family” blog.   I will stop posting my personal information here and link this blog to personal blogs for all family members.   I will also take the time to really understand and leverage the various aspects of WordPress and radically change the look and feel of this site.  Also,  the contents of this site may move to www.setterbo.fam.  I may be making www.setterbo.com more of a commercial site for my own purposes.