Back from Beau’s graduation

We just returned from our trip to see Beau graduate from USD Law School.  Travis and I drove down to San Diego on Friday May 15th after our softball game on Thursday night.  I gave Beau and Alison the hotel room for Wednesday night, the night my parents arrived from Mexico.  Kate, Mary, and Colton arrived on Thursday along with Chris and his friend Kyle.  Michele and Samantha arrived at midnight Friday night.  Saturday morning we all met at the school to watch Beau graduate.  I’ve posted pictures on facebook.   I think everyone had a great time.  It was really good to see all the kids together.  I think this was the first time since 1999, which was much too long of an interval.  After the ceremony we all went to the Stone Brewery for a late lunch.  The evening was spent at Beau and Alison’s apartment playing with the Wii Alison got Beau for graduation.  Beau, Alison, Grandma, Grandpa, Michele, Travis, Samantha, and I all had pizza while playing Wii fit – go figure.  I dropped Michele and Samantha off at the airport at 5:00am for their flight.   Mom, Dad, Mary, Kate, Colton, and I met at a local restaurant for breakfast and Beau and Alison joined us late.  After breakfast and our goodbyes, we picked up a sleeping Travis and hit the road back to the bay.  Around Coalinga the turbo blew up on the VW wagon so we had to limp back home.  Other than the car problem it was a fantastic trip.  It was great to see Beau, Mary, Samantha, and Travis together again.  I am very proud of each and every one of them.  It was really enjoyable to see each of them of the interact with Colton.  He will not lack for doting aunts and uncles.  Mary makes a fine mother.  Not bad for such a dysfunctional family.   Beau has a Bar review course starting and he and Alison still need to find an apartment within a week.  I hope they find something nice and affordable.  Although it is nice to be back in the bay area it was even nicer to be together with all the kids for a while.  I hope we can get together more often.