A weekend in Reno with Travis

Michele, Travis, and I went to Reno for the weekend to celebrate Travis’ 21st birthday.  I was able to use Priceline to get a room at the Grand Sierra Resort for $35 a night.  The resort has 1995 guest rooms and is one of the biggest casinos in Reno.  We left Walnut Creek in the early afternoon as soon as Michele got off work.  I was in the middle of an online poker tournament and had to log-off and leave even though I was chip leader.  Turns out that I came in 4th and cashed even though I was only posting and folding.  We stopped in Vacaville so Michele could shop at the outlets and then continued on to Reno.  Travis slept through the whole trip.  We got to the resort late, went to our room, and crashed.  Saturday morning at 11:00 Travis and I entered a poker tournement and Michele hit the slots.  Trav was an early chip leader but in his words was “knocked out by a donk”.  Michele won $120 at the slots and I won the tournament and cashed $630.  With our trip paid for we went downtown and visited a few casinos.  Travis sat down at a 3/6 NL table at the Cal-Neva while I got a $3.99 breakfast special.  A 93 year old woman sat down at Travis’ table and her antics were well worth the price of admission to the table.  She was a firey black woman from Oakland that was staying in Reno for several months.  She wore no glasses or hearing aids and used a walker to get around.  She had a ton of stories and even more energy.  We pulled Travis from the table to go check out the rest of the strip.  After an afternoon going to most of the downtown casinos we left to find a nice restaurant.  We had a great meal at a fine Italian place and headed back to the hotel.  Travis headed downstairs for more poker and the night life while Michele and I turned in for the evening.  Travis got back to the room around 3:30 the next morning.  When we woke Michele and I walked along the Truckee river, did a little shopping, saw Gigi Ouf, and finally woke Travis at checkout time.  We went to the Peppermill for one last effort to lose money to all the casinos in town.  Travis and I entered a NL tournament and were both knocked out.  I won $100 at blackjack and then Travis and I each lost at the craps table.  It was the first time at craps for Travis but he picked up up pretty quickly (but not in time to save his money).  We hit the road home around 6:30 and made it to Walnut Creek around 9:30.  It was a great time and Travis had fun.  Life is good 😉  Michele and I are planning to drive to Michigan via Canada on the 17th.  Look for more posts and pictures.