Grandpa and Sam going to Europe

This post no longer embeds the Google iframes for the calendar and map. Click here instead for a page that contains the map, calendar, and shared google doc.

I am going to try and make it a bit easier for Dad and Sam to update this blog with posts as they travel through Europe this summer.  I hope they both get Google accounts.  I will then tie emails, GPS info, and other related stuff back to the page noted above.   They will probably never use it but hey, why not?

Down in San Diego

Wow it’s been a long time since I wrote anything here!  I need to get back in the habit again.  Michele and I are down in San Diego visiting with Beau and Alison.  Our 24th anniversary is tomorrow.  I trailed the bike down so we could ride around the area and check out the sights.  We will spend the night here and then head back up towards home.  We got a good deal on a good hotel for tonight but got in too late last night to find one.  We ended up staying at Beau and Alison for the night.  Travis is watching Ozzy for the weekend.  We hope to get up to Julian for some pie today.  We’ll start with breakfast near the beach and then go from there.  More later…