On Jun 30, 2010, at 12:11 PM, samantha setterbo wrote:

Hello Family!

Just arrived at the farm and had some dinner. Boiled eggs, fish, cheese, tomatoes. It was good. This place is ABSOLUTELY breath-taking, even with the rain. its supposed to clear up Friday from what I hear. I’m going to go to sleep, and if not I’m going to pass out involuntarily. Email me back and I’ll try to check it tomorrow morning so we can Skype. Its 9pm here and i think we r 10 hours ahead of you. <3 Here is Gpa

The world smiles. My beautiful Samy shows up on the curb, waiting for Tom, Marcia and me to pick her up after a shopping tour if IKEA

My heart jumped and tears came. Thank you twp so damn much for getting Sam into our family. She fits like a glove

WE WILL have her explore as soon as she wakes up

It is like gonghome again. I got chills crossing the bridge and finally seeing the family farm and remembering Brynhild saying….you found us

More after I heal up my hernia frpm carrying Sams two packs


Family is everywhere

I am in Dayton waiting for my flight back to the bay area. Dad is in Oslo with the Norwegian Setterbo/Fossen clan. Sam is stuck in Zurich for the night but is due in Trodheim tomorrow. Mom is at Aunt Leslie’s and getting ready to drive back to Michigan. Mary is in FL, Beau is in San Diego, Travis and Michele are in the bay area. We get around. I hope the Sam and Dad use this blog to record their travels. Sam has promised to blog the trip somewhere and take copious pictures. Life is good…

Obringers in the house!

Michael and Danielle have been our guests for the past week. They have done up the bay area in a big way. I think I may start a business as a tour guide. We have been everywhere from the top of Mt Diablo to Ocean Beach and all points in-between. It was Danielle’s birthday yesterday and Brian and Jill had their new baby boy yesterday as well. Oh well, back to the tour…