Walks with Mom

I have trying to take my mother on daily walks. So far we have been doing pretty well. Here is a Walkmeter link for a typical walk. I am very grateful for the time I get to spend with her and the opportunity I have to be close to her in her waning years.

Finished Walk: Sep 18, 2013, 8:42:11 AM
Route: New Route
Walk Link: http://walkmeter.com/a0387f954c404cac/Walk-20130918-0752?r=e
Import Link: http://share.abvio.com/a0387f954c404cac/Walkmeter-Walk-20130918-0752.kml
Walk Time: 45:55
Stopped Time: 2:56
Distance: 2.13 miles
Average: 21:31 /mile
Fastest Pace: 17:01 /mile
Ascent: 503 feet
Calories: 307