7/1/10 – email from Trodheim

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I am using one letter to a number of people, with all the errors and voids of intellect….I lost this one three times, I am using cousin Brynhilds laptop, It is bad enough with mine, so please forgive tolerate my multiple weaknesses and the multiplication of the errors

Bob Howe  No trumpets, but smiles.  Sammy got to Trondhiem on time and we are now at the family farm.  SUCH WONDERFUL HOSPITALITY!!!

We are treated like royalty rather than family, but I am also allowed to cook.  These Norwegians eat twice as much as we do.  I prepared a creole for eight and Maria, Tom’s sqeeze, haD ME DOUBLE THE HAM AND CHICKEN, AND WE JUST HAD ENOUGH TO FEED THE FAMILY AND A TOUCH FOR BREAKFAST FOR TWO.

You see my pinkeys are still not working right, but the medicine has me at about 90% normal

Rather than correct, please tolerate my errors

The farm is in a beautiful valley with the mountains on either side in coniferous and craggy cliffs plus oodles of waterfalls.  THERE IS A SMALL HYDROELECTRIC STATION ON THE PROPERTY WITH A HARNESSED WATERFALL IN A 36 INCH TUBE THAT POWERS THE TURBINES AND THEN INTO THE RIVER.  iT POWERS MOST OF A 6,000 population county.

The trails give witness to the condition of the elderly.  At 80, I joined five in their 70s and they walked straight up and I damn near couldn’t keep up.  Ingrid, my closest cousin in a 75 picture of beauty and health.  She is the family leader, a retired nurse who could still wear her first uniform. It is important to include her in all activities

There is more of the family for Sam and I to meet in the area, there is also a village at the mouth of Baevor fjiord
which is the family home of Dr Pauline Baver.  THE vALLEY OF sAETERBO HAD A FEW UNRELATED FAMILIES and these had immigrants to the USA which accounts for the two unrelated Setterbo families in Suttons Bay.  It seems upon USA arrival, the immigration workers gave the naMES THEY SAW ON PASSPORTS TO THE ARRIVALS.  It accounts for so many with same names but no family relationships, only an area, county, or valley Like Saeterbø or BÆEVORFJIORD

i APOLOGIZE FOR THE CAPS, BUT THIS DAMN FINGER DOES WHAT IT wants and I have yet to learn how to control the finger or the laptop.  My typing and spelling was never too damn good and now I complicate the weakness with old age and a still youthful desire to communicate

Sam came with the 25 pound pack, but she also lugs a similar 25 pounds in cameras, laptop and related gear.  WE WILL EQUALIZE THAT PROBLEM AS i AM TRAVELING pretty light this cruise

The housing here, for the most part has a similarity of using natural building materials.  the exteriors are mostly board and batten     I just screwed up and lost the whole letter, but found it in sent….so now I continue….THE INTERIOR OF THE HOMES ARE IN FINISHED woods, some painted and others natural, a most satisfactory combination that in complimented with a combination of traditional and modern furnishings.  The exceptions are wood stoves with electric wall heaters and kitchens that surpass ours and equal to the Beidlers.  The appliances are either Seimans or Bosch or other electronic masterpieces.  I had to have lessons in how to use the stove and even what pots to use.  No iron or magnatic pots are allowed.

THE DISHES and silver are both traditional and modern.  A lot of cheese, eggs, cold meats are used.  All food is damn near twice the price of USA and vegies and fruit are all imported with alot of same sources as Glenns and Save a lot.

There is a USA,  The blues and <jazz concerts I attended in Oslo could have been on basin or beal streets.  The music was authentic with the ethnic sounds of voice perfect, it could have been <<<<<armstrong, but then the patter after the music was Norwegian and that was disconcerting as  I was transposed back and forth beteewn color, culture and reality

Cleanleness is the rule, however in Trondhiem I did see graffiti and <in <oslo alot of youth on a chenical high as well as a bunch of druggy derelicks near the RR station.  GAYS ARE OPENLY TOLERATED,   And there are other lessons for the USA to learn….like 4 Norwegians killed in the shrubs/ now obama’s afgan war.  why in hell did’t the shrub listen to thoise who said terrorists are not nationalists….remembe Oaklahoma City and a guy from Michigan or the Hillsdale group….by tyhe way Hillsdale college is the home of pseudo intellectual neocons

So I had to close with my political prejudices.  Please enjoy the other sections and forgive my spelling, caps, context and email ignorance


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