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It’s been forever since I have posted anything in this blog.  Michele and I are in Cayucos near Moro Bay.  We came down for a long weekend on her spring break.  Oz is loving the beach and long walks.   The town in peaceful and the people are friendly.  I hope the sun starts shining soon.  I hope to post a few pictures later.

Walks with Mom

I have trying to take my mother on daily walks. So far we have been doing pretty well. Here is a Walkmeter link for a typical walk. I am very grateful for the time I get to spend with her and the opportunity I have to be close to her in her waning years.

Finished Walk: Sep 18, 2013, 8:42:11 AM
Route: New Route
Walk Link:
Import Link:
Walk Time: 45:55
Stopped Time: 2:56
Distance: 2.13 miles
Average: 21:31 /mile
Fastest Pace: 17:01 /mile
Ascent: 503 feet
Calories: 307

What’s new

Hi Family – it has been a long time since I have written anything in this blog.  Much has been happening.  My parents, Don and Nancy, have sold all their property on Michigan and are moving in with us.  The plan is to build an in-law unit on the back-end of our house.  At the same time we will install new windows, siding, electrical, plumbing, and roof.  Plans for the addition are slow in development.  We want it to look as part of the house when we do the building.

I am employed as a Program Director with a small start-up in Lafayette.  It is a full time contract to hire until a funding event occurs.  So far so good.  There is a lot of work to do but I am getting back in the saddle at least.

Michele just booked my trip to Florida to see Mary and Colton.  I pray that it is a productive trip.  All for now…

End of the 5 week road trip

Michele and I have been on an extended road trip. It has taken us through 18 states in 5 weeks. We started by going south in Cali down to Sedona AZ, Taos NM, Amarillo TX, Oklahoma City OK, Ft Smith AR, Memphis and Nashville TN, Louisville KY, Farmersville OH, Frankfort MI, Gary IN, Chicago IL, Milwaukee WI, Albert Lea MN, Custer SD, Greybull WY, Caldwell ID, Ashland OR, and back to Walnut Creek, CA. We are going back home tomorrow and should be there sometime in the afternoon. I have been keeping a private daily blog and have not been posting anything here. I will start posting here again as part of a constant content effort on my part. Anyway, the trip was a blast and I hope to do another next year. Stay tuned…

Home for Gpa (posted for Don via email)

This AM I decided to use the time to check out the airport and get my ticket….good move. I find it took me an hour to get to my gate. No wake up in this, the worst I have been in since Peru.
So rather than waste another 30 Euro I will be at the airport and sack in there this late PM…..Sammy is on her way to Brussels, etc, Paris and then Zurich so we say good bye after museums and more cribbage tonight. She has taken me 5 for 2 since Chad’s. I think she was giving me a beak for the first of the trip
We are in the midst of a cheese. bread, apple, juice breakfast
The Chad trip was great. The Boys are fine and the trip to Chemenix??? was wonderful. We also enjoyed a family dinner on Lake Geneva and Chad did a BBQ while I did a pasta. All in all his lamb chops were the best I have had
The trips from Venice and then to Amsterdam were eye opening. Northern Italy, France and Switzerland were all prosperous like Norway with clean villages, fine farms, managed forests and plenty of industry and car/truck traffic rather than the horse and foot traffic of the East.
The farms were both smaller family and huge corporate, but using modern technology and with profitable outcomes. Clean farm machinery, contours, irrigation and crops that were not only uniform, but healthy as hell/ Streams were clean, Chad says some of Europe is requiring cities to draw the water downstream, One way to improve sewage systems. Sharon is working on chemical sewage systems to assist disease control and better water supplies in developing countries…….Maybe she should start on the Mississippi
Have had 2 meetings here. Both were problems to locate, but not as bad as Harley Davidson, which is now out of business. The store is closed and the phone does not work, so Bobby is short a T shirt.
When Sammy gets back we start for museums. She has been to the Photography Museum, but I am anxious hot city history, Van Gogh and Jewish history. There are oodles to see and also a canal ride on my day pass. So will do my best to use all the time available and then sack in at the airport. This place is not worth another 30 Euro to sleep on a floor mattress
Sammy got to see a friend of hers who was in town for the day. Allot of value in this machine, I must eat my words as I thought it was extra luggage…So much for this old fart’s judgment
I am anxious to get home to my true love, but have some tough feelings about leaving Sammy. The trip has been great, we have seen and done a hell of a lot. We worked out the early bumps with the clock and the rest has been a piece of cake, a damn good cake. I am going to miss her and have some great memories.
I hope she has the same good feelings, I must admit traveling my poor man’s way leaves a lot to be desired especially this last looser

Venice to Paris(posted for Don via email)

All is well. We found a hostel in Paris, thanks to Sammy and had a trip from Venice with delays, interruptions, a station sleep over and finally in the city and comfortable. Northern Italy is prosperous, farms, industry and communities. What ever it is, they seem to be doing it right Venice is as interesting and beautiful as the tour guides suggest, but I had to wait for Paris for AA and that was a task that was well worth the effort. I got to see a lot of Paris from the outside but passed up the museums until we get a more convenient fall/spring visit. Our GLOBAL pass seems to require a limited seating, sort of like air miles travel. But it can be worked out with patience and a bit of manipulation….ask for the seating, obtain an OK and then present the Global pass and ask for help. Being old and demented seems to help….most of the time. Our trip would have been less exciting and not so much station sleep, scary international cab ride and fewer angry ticket sellers if I had gotten the act learned sooner and more effective. But then Nancy is the thespian. Our trip here included productive farming that would receive the Minnesota Farm bureau seal of approval. And then also the Traverse vintner’s gold medal. The towns and villages were more like Norway than we have experienced since Oslo. Sure there is some poverty and graffiti but minimal. Hydro electric and Atomic power and no smoking coal fired stacks…Take notice Michigan. The community rail stations are clean and some like castles. Food was usually good and inexpensive, but I learned to use the train heads and save $$$. Sammy did too.
The view here is spectacular with a vineyard for a neighbor, Geneva Lake for the view and a well kept village neighborhood. Sammy and I are getting royal treatment and clean clothes . Plus the pleasure of the company and the conversation about international health and International/USA politics. I even get to work in a few happy memories of India, Glen Lake and the fine times in Mexico thanks to Chad’s help. We got together, thanks to a couple of people who would not take $$ for the use of their cell phones as we arraigned to meet at the station. It gratifying to know there are kind and good people where ever we are. Back to Venice, my last day there was spent on city buses/barges as I hit every possible number and saw the backs of all those beautiful labyrinths.
By the way it is great that Chad is working to beat hell to assure international health. Back from a great birthday lunch for Chad, he is now at the grocery and has plans for Sunday, we will leave either Sun Night or Mon AM. The Boys are amazingly bright and spend happy time together. Sammy and I are catching up on Internet and Sammy is doing long overdo laundry too. I am without skives and in Chads shirt, my levies and sandals. Hope I don’t get arrested. The lunch was scrumptious, By the Lake and the perch could have been from the Manitou and that means, excellent. Sammy had a last night on the town in Paris, I think she will drop me off in Amsterdam and return to Paree ASAP. It was a great place for me too, but I still did not get inside the Louvre, My AA time was well spent and so was finding it. I Got to a lot of the places that I would like to have seen anyway, see being a drunk isn’t all lost time. I used the term TUBES and it should have been METRO. The one place, I wanted to see and missed was the sewer memorial. What in hell is it that has infected this Goy? I am carrying a stone from Auschwitz and I damn near got thrown out of Germany years ago because of my Dachau stones
Nancy let’s make sure we have a COOKS if we ever come to Europe again. I don’t know how many stores I have asked about a TIMETABLE, travel agencies and antique stores too. And thanks to you we had our nights on the trains when wanted and also those fine breakfasts in the stations. Admitted we were in Paris off and on for about a month because you were able to set our clocks by COOKS.
The farming and village life in Italy, France and Switzerland would be worth a separate trip.. I have noticed that the fields in the west seem so much nicer with a general organized and clean look. The equipment is modern and seldom do you see junk or junkers. Some are large farms but also they did not have that corporate look I have previously noted. Cars here are newer and cleaner and tend to high end. Let’s face it, long term peace, social democracy, and strong middle class has national advantages. Nancy’s coke bottle analogy has never been more evident than on this trip
Clean clothes, a great host family and surrounded by Swiss beauty is a hell of a great combination. What luck and happy times,
More hugs