Don and “Donna” Reunited in NORWAY

I left San Francisco on Monday the 28th at 8am, and arrived in Trondheim, Norway (after 2 days of layovers and flights) to meet Grandpa Don and the rest of the clan on Wednesday the 30th, at 5pm Nor. time. This place is amazing and so is the family. We went to Ingrid’s farm, just across the way, for a quick visit and I saw pictures of great great aunts and uncles and grandparents and great great great etc.. I will later post a link for a blog I have yet to make. Goodbye for now. (WARNING: I will now log grandpa Don in, his typing may lead to mental insanity.)

One thought on “Don and “Donna” Reunited in NORWAY”

  1. Thank you Sammy for posting to this blog. I know you will also be setting up another blog for your class. Please let me know the link to that blog once you have it up and running. Post as many pictures as you can. Help Grandpa post his own observations. Please be patient with each other on your travels. Enjoy!

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