THE SETTERBO MOUNTAIN (posted for Don via email)

THE SETTERBO MOUNTAIN IS THE HOME OF THE SUMMER cabin, the first, 100 year cabin is rubble, but the second, with Johns 1927 signature is still usable with beds and kitchen rustic at best, but furnished for travelers that use a near by walking path.

THIS OLD MAN WAS SHAMED INTO THE WALK, STRAIGHT UP, BY 75 iNGRID WHO LED. I was exhausted be fore we got to the cabin, and that was the road used by the family for eons. THE PASTURES ARE PARTIALLY GROWN OVER. DAMNED PINKIES..

OUR FIRST REST before tackling the real mountain. It was pathway with ingrid and Tom up front, Sammy following and me in the rear. It was like being the back dog because of what Tom the Sherpa that carried the food, and gear, poor Sammy drank creek water and suffered bad for 2…3 days, IRON GUT ME HAD NO PROBLEMS. We finally stopped for lunch, I slept and got enough rest to continue, Ingrid was awake and helped. Finally Sam got me up, a couple of cheese sandwiches and coffee and then saddle up for more abuse. Take me back to the Corps, it was easier

THE TOP OF THE mountain is rock, and finally we got to a stone piling with a place to sign in, which I used with a shaking hand, hell, i are treated as royalty with lavish attention which is embarrassing, but wonderful to receive. The Families assure us of a welcome with food and cheer. BART under the bay. Most of the tunnels are finished with lighting and all sorts of safety signs and turnouts for disabled or resting. There are electronic devises at the entry and exit that identify the cars for both tolls and safety, that is that if you go in you must come out

That of course was not the case in the tunnels we had on the two track. THOSE WERE CARVED OUT FROM THE BEGINNING OF THE HYDROELECTRIC PROJECT IN THE 20S TO ITS FIRST REBIRTH IN THE 40S AND AGAIN IN THE 60S. This 75 K road was built to access a series of damns and power stations that provide a lot of Norway but primarily an aluminum factory that consumes 4% of all of the Country’s electrical power in Sunndalsøra. THE TWO TRACK PASSED OFER THE MOUNTAINS damns and passed a motorcycle and two cars in the 75K. THERE WERE TWO DAMS AND POwer……I just lost two hours of typing and thanks to sherpa Tom, our chauffeur, sherpa and now tech wizard, I am back and you are suffering through more of my gibberish

Which I will soon end as we got back at 1:30 AM after the great Atlantic Coast, Fijord, Mountain, Two >Track trip.

We are blessed

Sammy and I chose the right parents, and me the right wife to provide us with such a grand adventure.

WE LEAVE THE sæterbø valley tomorrow. There is not anything that can possibly come close to this family hospitality. With good fortune, maybe we can convince them Michigan and Mazatlan are available, but nothing will equal the love, kindness and experiences for this old fart. It has been worth a lifetime of waiting, when I think of that wet and wonderful day when I asked the two strange ladies where I could find my Family and Brynhild opened her arms and said………… have found us!!!!!!!!!!! this life has become better. With Nancy’s help and tolerance I have really found our heritage….Nancy, THANK YOU WITH ALL MY HEART, and Bobby and Michele, yuou two did a hell of a great job…..Sammy is a true blessing



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  1. Thank you Dad. Any information sent to us while you travel is much appreciated. I hope that you can learn how to write directly to the blog, but it’s OK if not. Just keep the emails coming and I will post them verbatim. I would really like to add some pictures to your commentary at some point. I trust that Samantha will provide you some good snap shots to post here on this blog. Have fun, enjoy each other and all the sights you will be seeing. Try to have patience with each other as you travel. Soak up the culture and please keep us informed. Love you both…

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